JPD Koi Voer

Japan Pet Design Company has a proud history of experience and credence of around 200 years as a breeder, a medicine and equipment manufacture, and a food producer. JPD mission is to protect the health and increase the vitality of Koi in Japan and throughout the world. For all these years, with our rich knowledge & experience and in cooperation with the National fisheries University, we have been developing and marketing many different varieties of high-quality products that are widely well- welcomed in the market. We are now providing, with a good reputation, strictly-selected and managed quality products to our clients around the world. We sincerely hope you have an enjoy of your Koi hobby.


JPD Fujiyama Staple Diet L 5 kg
JPD Fujiyama Staple Diet M 2 kg
JPD Fujiyama Staple Diet M 5 kg
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